ADAN Technologies - Memphis, TN
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On-Site Network and PC Support

Technology can take any business to the next level, but only when the responsibilities of maintaining that technology does no’t get in the way. ADAN has over 15 years of experience in bridging the benefits of modern technology with the principles your company was founded on. We specialize in communicating with our customers. By translating complicated computer terminology into plain English, we minimize the amount of time spent trying to understand the problem, and give you confidence in the solution.

Our excellent service is based on solid relationships, enabling us to anticipate each customer’s preference when dealing with technological issues and allowing your system to stay up and running 24/7/365. ADAN is located in the heart of downtown Memphis, and we are the only computer service organization specializing in MIS services in the Mid-South area. Our location allows our service personnel to be on site quickly in response to your needs. Don't allow the glitches of daily life to interrupt the flow of your business. Give us a call!


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Remote Backup

Information is the very core of any business. Beyond an insurance policy that covers your company's assets, remote data backup is the only way to be certain that you and your customers' information are safe. Power outages, storms and system failures can be disastrous to your firm if you are unprepared. Re-entering sales information and retrieving accounting records can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in manpower. Quick data recovery is the key to minimizing productivity losses or business disruption.

Studies show that nearly half the companies that lose their data in a disaster never reopen. Ninety percent of these data losses occur due to power failures, leaks, loose cables, user mistakes and other hardware, software and human errors. By maintaining a remote backup with ADAN, you can rest assured that your data is safe, secure and available for fast retrieval 24/7/365.

Off-site storage is completely automated, and ADAN has the ability to back up your system on a schedule that suits your company's needs. ADAN is located in the heart of Memphis and is the leading provider of remote data backup in the Mid-South. Give us a call!