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Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the world's most popular business messaging platform, with almost 60% of the market. At the core of efficiency, Microsoft Exchange increases company productivity through advanced features like always-synced email, files, calendars and contacts. It allows access on mobile devices, and can share calendars that let employees see colleagues’ availability to schedule or rearrange meetings, book conference rooms and plan projects. Teams can create shared task lists that allow 'to do' lists to be created and assigned.

Contact information can also be shared, guaranteeing that customers' contact details will never be lost or misplaced. Unfortunately, for most small to mid-sized companies, the cost of running a Microsoft Exchange server ‘in-house’ is simply too much.

Upfront costs can exceed $10,000, plus staff hours to maintain the server. This is why ADAN Technologies Hosted Exchange makes sense for smaller businesses in the Mid-South. By outsourcing your Exchange Server, our specialized IT department will host and run the technology for a small monthly fee. Exchange email outsourcing allows businesses to enjoy the same enterprise-strength IT that Fortune 500 companies have, but at a price they can afford. Give your small business the edge that the big names enjoy. ADAN is located in the heart of downtown Memphis, so our location allows our service personnel to be on site quickly in response to your needs. Give us a call!


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Remote Backup

Information is the very core of any business. Beyond an insurance policy that covers your company's assets, remote data backup is the only way to be certain that you and your customers' information are safe. Power outages, storms and system failures can be disastrous to your firm if you are unprepared. Re-entering sales information and retrieving accounting records can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in manpower. Quick data recovery is the key to minimizing productivity losses or business disruption.

Studies show that nearly half the companies that lose their data in a disaster never reopen. Ninety percent of these data losses occur due to power failures, leaks, loose cables, user mistakes and other hardware, software and human errors. By maintaining a remote backup with ADAN, you can rest assured that your data is safe, secure and available for fast retrieval 24/7/365.

Off-site storage is completely automated, and ADAN has the ability to back up your system on a schedule that suits your company's needs. ADAN is located in the heart of Memphis and is the leading provider of remote data backup in the Mid-South. Give us a call!